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Anthony Davis: From college

Anthony Davis: From college star to US Olympic sub

Anthony Davis stopped dribbling, tucked the ball under one of his long arms and shook hands with the tall reporter whose face seemed so familiar.

"He had no idea who I was," Christian Laettner said. "But he's seen The Shot."

Two players - one from Kentucky, the other from Duke - separated by 20 years yet so intertwined in U.S. men's basketball history. All-Americans in college, both led their respective schools to national championships and then spent the following summer at the end of the bench on Olympic teams.

Stars to subs just that heels

Earlier this week, Davis, at the London Games because a knee injury knocked Blake Griffin off the American roster, and Laettner, the 12th man on the 1992 Dream Team, met for the first time before a U.S. team practice.

They shared a few laughs and posed for heels for women

"He was cool, but I didn't know who he was at first," Davis said, a bit embarrassed. "I've heard of him. Everybody was asking me about him."

Since arriving in England last week, the 19-year-old Davis, taken with the No. 1 overall pick in June's NBA draft by New Orleans, has been asked about Laettner. After finishing his career at Duke, Laettner spent the summer of his life in Spain as teammates with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Davis only knew of Laettner the same way all Kentucky fans know him - the unspeakable villain who drained the immortalized buzzer-beating jumper that beat the Wildcats in the East Regional final of the 1992 NCAA tournament.

Mention The Shot and any Kentuckian's blue blood high heels

"Yeah, I've heard about it forever," Davis said. "That's OK. I think we made up for it this year."

With the reach of someone 7-foot-5, Davis led Kentucky to a national title as a freshman before entering the NBA draft. He was invited to the U.S. team's pre-Olympic camp, but the 6-foot-10 big man was slowed by a sprained ankle. After not making the squad, he would have most of his summer off before training camp.

However, while in Los Angeles attending the ESPY Awards, Davis got a call telling him Griffin was hurt and to get to Las Vegas.

"I said, 'all right,' hung up the phone and caught the first plane," he nike heels

Unlike Laettner, who averaged just eight minutes per game - "as the 12th most unneeded person on that team" - in Barcelona, Davis may have a far more significant role with this U.S. squad before these Olympics end. With just one true experienced center in Tyson Chandler, the Americans lack both interior size and depth - something they figure to need against Spain, Argentina and Brazil in the medal round next week.

If Chandler gets in foul trouble, if there's an injury, or if U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski wants to play a bigger lineup, Davis may get more playing time.

He's earning jordan heels

"He's adjusted well," Krzyzewski said of Davis, who along with Laettner and Emeka Okafor (2004) are the only players to go straight from college to the U.S. team since '92. "It's just that you don't just plug a guy in. He's 19 and he's playing against guys who are 28 and are men in a much more physical game."

Already, Davis has been able to contribute, albeit not in a critical game situation. On Tuesday against Tunisia, he scored 12 points - 10 of them on wide-variety of dunks - in the second half when the Americans ran away for a 47-point win. It wasn't all easy for Davis, who lost the ball on one possession and received a welcome-to-the-international-game elbow to the lip.

Davis' teammates and the U.S. coaching staff say he's gotten better in each practice, giving him more confidence, and in turn, his teammates more confidence in him. He's also giving them a taste of his pro heels 2012

"I'm happy for him," Kevin Durant said after the U.S. improved to 2-0. "He works hard. Coming in to the Olympics before his rookie season, that's what guys dream of, and to do it at 19. He's going to be a phenomenal player, man. He's going to be one of those guys who changes a franchise for decades."

Davis knows his role may evolve, and he intends to let it grow naturally. He's not about to walk up to Krzyzewski and demand to start of anything like nike high heels

"I'm just happy to be here," Davis said. "I'm not crying for time. I'm just happy to ... have a chance to win a gold medal with these guys at 19 years old."

Laettner felt the same way when he was added to the once-in-a-century team that included 11 Hall of Famers, and in Jordan, perhaps the greatest player ever. A 13-year NBA veteran, Laettner recalled having to win over several Dream Teamers before feeling welcomed.

"We had a dinner the first night and only (Charles) Barkley and (Chris) Mullin were really cool right away," said Laettner, who is doing TV work during the London Games. "A few of the other guys were like, 'we want to see how this young punk is' before they totally accepted me.

"Once I showed that I could take a foul and not cry too much they were good. They were all good to me."nike sb heels

Davis was accepted immediately by this year's team, partly because there isn't as wide of an age gap as Laettner had with some of his Olympic teammates. The U.S. also has a size issue - whether they want to admit or no - without Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh, members of the 2008 team.

"He's like our little brother," LeBron James said. "I'm glad we got him, because we're going to need him."

US team could get tough test from France in opener

As the world watched the queen, David Beckham and what seemed like all of England take part in the Olympic opening ceremonies, Mike Krzyzewski stayed in.

Back at the U.S. team's hotel, Krzyzewski and his assistants studied tape of France.

Krzyzewski isn't taking any chances.jordan heels

"To not prepare would be the ultimate sign of disrespect," Krzyzewski said, "and the biggest, poorest assumption that you could make."

It's gold time for the Americans, who open the 12-nation tournament Sunday against France, a squad led by San Antonio guard Tony Parker and featuring five other NBA players. The French are one of several teams that believe they have a legitimate chance of shocking the star-studded Americans.

"It's a big test for us," U.S. forward Carmelo Anthony said, lacing up his sneakers Saturday before practice at East London University. "We're going up against guys that we normally play on a night-to-night basis, and those countries have put them all together just like we have. And at the end of the day their main goal is to beat the United States.

"There's going to be some good battles."jordan high heels

France will only be the first. This isn't going to be some easy sightseeing stroll along the Thames for the American team before stepping onto the gold-medal stand. Spain, Argentina and Brazil are all talented enough to not only compete with the U.S., but potentially upset the world's No. 1 team.

That wasn't the case four years ago, when the U.S. steamrolled through the field, winning by at least 20 points in each of its first seven games before beating Spain 118-107 in the final. Krzyzewski, who guided the 2008 "Redeem Team" to gold, believes a potential road to gold could have some dangerous bumps.air jordan heels

"The overall 12 teams are more talented, more seasoned," he said. "Spain is just in the prime of their - 28, 29 (years of age). Brazil is in that wheelhouse. I think Russia's really, really good. Obviously Argentina, everyone says they're older but their heart and talent has not gotten older, It's just gotten better.

"There's just more teams that feel that they have a chance to win the gold medal - and medal - than they did in '08."nike dunk heels

Count the French among them.

They finished second to Spain at last year's European Championships, and maintain they won't be intimidated by the U.S. team's collection of All-Stars, MVPs and household names. France's players have no intention of being posterized on a dunk by LeBron James or Kobe Bryant the way 7-foot-2 countryman Frederic Weis was famously embarrassed by a soaring Vince Carter in the 2000 Sydney Games.

France, 0-4 against the U.S. in Olympic competition, isn't dunk sb heels

"For us there is no fear factor because we play against them all the time," said Parker, who will wear goggles to protect his surgically repaired left eye. "We know they are really, really good. But it's not going to be like the other teams where they don't see them and it's like, 'Oh, wow, I'm playing against Kobe and LeBron.'"

Bryant likened France's offense to the one Parker runs with the Spurs. Everything starts with the ball in Parker's hands, so the U.S. team's challenge will be to make him give it up.

"Slow him down and surround him," Bryant said. "Keep bodies in front of him at all times."nike sb high heels

Turiaf, who recently won an NBA title with James in Miami, said France's familiarity with the U.S. players will help - to a point.

"If you look at the NBA game everyone knows each and every one of those players tendencies," he said. "Can they stop them? No. What you try to do is just give yourself the best chance in order to have some sort of success. I think all you can do is put yourself in position to disturb them as much as possible."

This U.S. team, comprised of five holdovers from the '08 squad, five from the 2010 world championship team and two newcomers, was loose and relaxed before Saturday's workout, a final tune-up before beginning the five-game preliminary round. Durant and Anthony playfully horsed around in the foul lane and Bryant smiled amusingly as photographers jockeyed for position like paparazzi trying to record his every move.

The mood will be decidedly different Sunday.Jordan Heels 6 Rings

That's when everything change. That's when it matters.

"Everybody expects us to win gold," James said. "And that's what we're here for. Nothing else."

In recent days, Bryant, James and the other U.S. players have been careful not to get trapped into making comparisons to the Dream Team. Bryant recently caused a stir by saying the 2012 Olympians could beat the 1992 version that included Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Jordan called Bryant's comments "not one of the smarter things he ever could have done."dunk heels

For now, the talk has quieted, the comparisons can wait. For this American team to be regarded among the others before them, there can only be one medal.

"The legacy will be determined if you win the gold or you don't," Krzyzewski said. "We're not talking about legacy everyday but it is. We're here to win a gold medal, and if we do less than that, then it will be a big loss for us."

US opponents turn out to be the dreamers

The question was whether the U.S. Olympic basketball team could be beaten.

"Sometimes a team wants to show that this is their tournament," French coach Vincent Collet said Sunday, after getting blown out 98-71 in Sunday's opener. "They did it today."air jordan high heels

Those were the last two sentences of his answer. The first was how he hoped to have a chance to try again. The dozen or so in between were how Collet had hoped to accomplish it the first time around. All of them can be summarized by something heavyweight-turned-thespian Iron Mike Tyson once famously said:

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."womens jordan heels

In Collet's case, his plan was to limit turnovers on one end by having his players protect the ball and second-chance points on the other by controlling the defensive boards. The French succeeded at neither, largely because their opponents played without much in the way of opening-night jitters and with way more defensive intensity than some of the packed-with-NBA-superstar squads that USA Basketball sent to the games in the past.

That said, it's not as if the French didn't know what to expect. They boast a half-dozen NBA players of their own, the second-largest contingent in London, and were the darlings of the U.S.-can-be-beaten crowd. But after hanging tough early - France trailed by a point at the end of the first quarter - the opportunistic U.S. defense and their own frigid shooting from beyond the 3-point arc (2 of 22) doomed any hopes of an upset.

Afterward, the same question put to Collet was put to a few of his players.jordan heels 2012

Tony Parker pronounced the U.S. team would be "very, very tough to beat," and none of his teammates objected very loudly. Boris Diaw, who claimed a starting spot alongside Parker in San Antonio for the stretch run of the NBA season, said: "Definitely not by shooting 10 percent from 3-point range. And we turned it over (18 times) way too much."

The most optimistic assessment, ultimately, came from the young and freshly minted Portland Trail Blazer millionaire Nicolas Batum. Even so, it was nothing you haven't heard heels

"You have to play a 40-minute game, really" he began. "Play a 40-minute game, continue to rebound. Take care of the ball and play good defense.

"Some teams can do it, you know? I think some teams can beat them," Batum added, trying to pump himself up. "Really."jordan heels for women

Besides his own team, Batum nominated Spain, Argentina and Brazil. That's no coincidence, since all three gave the U.S. side some trouble on the road to London. After one period Brazil was ahead by 10 and Spain by 1; Argentina cut a 20-point deficit to four. All three eventually got punched in the heels for women

Those moments of vulnerability are why few people - other than Kobe Bryant - have been willing to compare this bunch to the original Dream Team. Well, that, and the fact that the first edition featured a then-and-still-without-peer Michael Jordan in his absolute prime, a still capable Magic Johnson and a much, much deeper and more reliable bench.

When Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Durant are all in sync and on the floor together, the comparison doesn't seem unreasonable. But put together a different combination - say Bryant with Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook, none of whom would ever be mistaken for a "pass-first" player - and one ball is never going to be high heels

So it might not take a perfect storm to sink the U.S. gold medal cruise. Maybe they get into foul trouble early, or fall in love with the three-point shot on a night they're not falling. Maybe they run into a team with a point guard who doesn't turn the ball over and deftly finds his big guys underneath, where the U.S. team has no true center other than Tyson Chandler.

Sounds a lot like Spain, when Jose Calderon is handling the ball smartly and feeding big men Pau and Marc Gasol on a regular basis. That scenario might have come true, too, in a pre-Olympic game not too long ago - except Calderon eventually needed a breather and the U.S. defenders feasted on his backup, Victor Sada. That would have been much harder to do if Minnesota Timberwolves guard and Rookie-of-the-Year candidate Ricky Rubio wasn't sidelined with a knee injury.

Of course, that composite team sounds a little like France, too, if you substitute Parker for Calderon and Ronny Turiaf for the Gasol brothers. But Turiaf himself doesn't buy the argument the U.S. team is short on big men, or that it can't beat any rival playing small ball.jordan heels

"They are so versatile that, for me, it's a false debate," he said. "If you can foul out Tyson, so what? In comes Carmelo or LeBron. And really, who's going to take advantage of them?"

"It's a case of ... of ..." Turiaf paused, looking for a phrase. He didn't look pleased, either.jordan high heels

"A case of 'pick your poison?'" someone offered.

"Exactly,' he said, nodding gravely. "Pick your poison."


Jim Litke is a national sports columnist for The Associated Press. Write to him at jlitke(at) and follow him at

Mariners' Eric Wedge will hold players to a higher standard

If you fear the Mariners' youth movement is an aimless attempt to waste time, don't tell Eric Wedge. His eyes, which seemingly talk louder than his booming voice, might pop out and berate you.

Actually, Wedge is quite mild-mannered, even though he's so passionate. But he's bullish on the idea that the Mariners can be young and progressive instead of young and reckless. You look at another season of development as more of the same for a franchise that hasn't been to the playoffs in 11 years. He looks at it differently.

In short, Wedge expects and will push for more even as the Mariners try to sell the importance of patience. For Wedge, this season won't just be about tossing a baseball to the kiddies and seeing what they can do with it. It's about expediting their growth process by holding them to a higher standard.ken griffey shoes

"I want these kids to understand it's about going out there and getting it done," the second-year Mariners manager said recently. "The expectations are coming from me right now. I'm not waiting.ken griffey jr shoes

"The difference between last year and this year is all about advancing and achieving. It's not about surviving, which many of them had to do last season. It's not about getting to the big leagues and seeing what you can do. Now it's about performance and production. And that's what leads to winning."

This is an important footnote as spring training begins this week in Peoria, Ariz., with pitchers and catchers reporting Saturday. The common concern about a rebuilding process heavy on player development is that a team can fall into the disappointing cycle of always being a year away. The Mariners need to speed up the process as much as grifffeys

To do that, Wedge needs to get more out of players such as second baseman Dustin Ackley, catcher Jesus Montero and first baseman Justin Smoak as soon possible. And in the front office, general manager Jack Zduriencik needs to have the proper foresight to make decisions on which players to build around and which ones to use as assets to acquire the right pieces to build a winner.

It's a misperception to believe the Mariners are only interested in methodically developing a 25-man roster full of homegrown players. That's not realistic. They need to identify stars, put them in a position to succeed and trade some potential for certainty when appropriate. As much as anything, the Montero/Michael Pineda trade served as a difficult-to-accept reminder that every intriguing young star won't get to grow up fully in the organization.

While the Pineda move was a deal made because the Mariners are desperate for hitting, the guess is the future deals won't be young-talent-for-young-talent swaps. Moving forward, the Mariners will need to be shrewd in determining when it's right to swap promise for immediate help. Just as important, they'll need to know when it's right not to do so.king griffey shoes

"I could pick up the phone right now and trade a Taijuan Walker or a Danny Hultzen or a James Paxton," Zduriencik said, referring to his top three pitching prospects. "But would it be the right thing to do? No, it wouldn't. We're trying to build an organization, and part of that is knowing who to build this thing around. We want to be the best at it. We want the Ken Griffeys, the A-Rods, the Felix Hernandezes."

It all starts with Wedge. A few weeks ago, he invited nine players to Seattle for several days of meetings, which included tough love, bonding and clarity on their roles and what he expects. The nine players were a combination of veterans and youngsters who need to show significant improvement if they want to improve on their 67-95 record of last season. They were: Chone Figgins, Franklin Gutierrez, Miguel Olivo, Casper Wells, Kyle Seager, Brendan Ryan, new catcher John Jaso, Smoak and Ackley.

Wedge's standard will be much higher this season, and he wanted those players to be the first to know it. The manager did a solid job a year ago helping the Mariners return to an acceptable level of accountability and professionalism. But he had to work with 18 rookies, and struggles were inevitable.griffeys

In 2012, that won't be an excuse. He won't have nearly as many rookies this time. And now that many of those 2011 rookies have major-league experience, he wants more — especially at the plate, where the Mariners have had one of the worst two-year runs in history.

"I'm sticking my neck out, but I think this should be a year we take a significant leap forward offensively, and I'll be disappointed if we don't," Wedge said. "That's how confident I am in this plan and in our young kids."

The words sound like music now, but in practice, it will be much more difficult. This season can't be a 162-game exhibition of weighing what they've got. They're still in the business of projecting with so many youngsters, but they need production, too.

Will they get it? It's a must to avoid the cycle of always being a year away.

Ken Griffey Jr. returns to Seattle a grown man

Ken Griffey Jr. is back, and it's tempting to add the traditional addendum: It's like he never left.

On the surface, that seems to be true. The face may be a bit more weathered, and the body a little more padded. But when he puts on the iconic No. 24 and steps in the box, bat cocked, Griffey still strikes the same imposing image.

Griffey once again is the hub of the Mariners' clubhouse, just as he was in his Seattle glory days, minus the recliner — a veritable magnetic field that attracts players, media, team employees and anyone else who wanders by into his griffeys 2012

"When he starts talking and telling stories, you'll see everybody in the locker room just start circling around him," observed Mike Morse.

He still gives off that intoxicating mix of energy, humor, bravado, charisma and, when something crosses him, flashes of ken griffey shoes

"To me, everything seems the same," said longtime Mariners trainer Rick Griffin. "I think he's glad he came back. I think he's very comfortable."

That much is undeniably true. Griffey noted that his adjustment period in his second Seattle incarnation is greatly accelerated from that of the traditional free agent trying to find his place among new teammates and team personnel.

"Who's who, who can you trust — I pretty much have that down pat," he said.griffeys for women

But let's get past the notion that Griffey has somehow been frozen in time and will be unleashed on Monday as a slightly grizzled version of his old self.

Obviously, from a baseball standpoint, his career has been in steady decline since he left Seattle after the 1999 season, ravaged by a staggering rash of injuries. Griffey is 39, coming off a season in which he was hampered much of the second half by a gimpy knee that required October surgery.

The Mariners know they're not going to get the Griffey who ruled baseball in the 1990s, the one who averaged 52 homers from 1996 to 1999, won the 1997 Most Valuable Player award and vied with Barry Bonds for the title of Best Player in the World.

And their more realistic fans know it, too.griffeys for kids

"What I'd like to have is have Ken Griffey for 162 games," said general manager Jack Zduriencik. "We as a group have to be cautious and careful, realizing he's had injuries in the past. He's coming off a surgery this year alone.

"We acquired him because we think his at-bats are going to help us. If he's healthy for 162 games, he can be a productive player for us, and that's what we're counting on."griffey shoes

But beyond what Griffey has to offer on the playing field — and remember, his career arc is not abnormal, although conspicuously different from peers like Bonds and Roger Clemens who had miraculous upswings in their late 30s — are the unseen changes.

Not from the amalgam of knee, hamstring, calf, ankle and wrist injuries that derailed him in Cincinnati, leaving Griffey with 611 home runs that somehow feel like a mere shadow of what could have been.

The ones in his heart. The ones in his soul.ken griffey shoes

"I don't think people realize how much I've changed since I left," Griffey said in a wide-ranging, 90-minute interview during spring training. "They just think of me as a 19-year-old kid.

"I have a son now that's 15 — four years younger than I was when I was there. He's at that stage of his life, a lot of people can be an influence on him. I have to be there to guide him."

Talk about déjà vu — just as when he pushed for his Seattle departure a decade ago, Griffey had to wrestle with family considerations when his decision for a 2009 destiny came down to Seattle or Atlanta.ken griffey jr shoes

The Mariners offered roots, the completion of a journey. But Atlanta offered a much more feasible opportunity to watch his three children — Trey, 15; Taryn, 13; and Tevin, 6 — in their sports and school ventures.

It was, as has been well-chronicled, an agonizing decision, one in which just about everyone seemed to have a tip or piece of advice. Harold Reynolds, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, et al.

In the end, however, it came down to Griffey, wife Melissa, and the three children. And, at its fundamental level, to Junior himself.air griffey max fury 2012

"It was just a matter of what I felt was best," he said. "Not what everyone else bleeping wanted me to think. Everybody calling my house — 'you should do that, you should do this.'

"I can't be persuaded by what someone else says. I'm going to make up my own mind, because I'm the one that has to live with it. How can someone tell you where to go, someone who had nothing to do with my life, never been inside my walls?

"At 19, that might have happened. At 39, no. Like I told everybody, I'm a grown-ass man. Simple and plain."king griffey shoes

In the end, Griffey laid out all of his kids' sports schedules — high school football for Trey, AAU basketball for Taryn — on the kitchen counter, juxtaposed against the schedules of the Mariners and Braves, and hashed out the logistics.

Hard as it was to give up the proximity to Orlando that Atlanta would have brought, it might have been the wisdom of Taryn that sealed the deal for Seattle.

"It was Wednesday, and Kenny had promised by the end of that day to make a decision," related Brian Goldberg, Griffey's longtime agent. "That was when he had his conversation with Willie Mays, who asked him about all the years left in his life, how he wanted his legacy to be remembered.

"Taryn came home a couple of hours later. Melissa said, 'Ken, Taryn has something to tell you.' She said, 'Dad, I know you want input from all us kids. I have to tell you, even though my games are the ones you'll miss the most, I think you should finish up your baseball career in Seattle.'

"That seemed to put things right over the top. It was just an hour or two after that Junior decided Seattle was where he wanted to end up."griffeys

And so now Junior returns — a senior, really; just a year younger than his father when he joined Ken Jr. in Seattle in 1990 as the first father-son pairing in baseball history. Griffey has been tempered, as so many middle-aged people have, by tragedy and family trauma.

His parents, Birdie and Ken Sr., both have had cancer battles. One close friend died of sickle-cell anemia, and another acquaintance, a stuntman, died recently in a motorcycle accident.

His best friend — the man that Griffey says was the solitary member of his "inner circle," Frank King — died of cancer last May at age air griffey max 1

"I've probably learned a lot over the last three years — both my parents having problems, my best friend dying," he said. "A guy I know decided to do a back flip and not make it and die. Payne Stewart. I've had some people check out on me.

"You really learn not to take things for granted. One day, your best friend is there, looking at you and laughing. The next day, he's lying in a hospital bed, fighting for his life. Five months later, you're planning for his funeral."

King and Griffey met as kids in Cincinnati and forged a lifelong friendship. When Griffey was drafted by the Mariners, King joined him in Seattle, and he followed him back to Cincinnati when Griffey signed with the Reds. He lived just a few miles from the Griffeys in Orlando.

"This is my first spring training since 1990 [that] Frank hasn't been here," Griffey said quietly. "One of my friends drove my car in; usually, that would be Frank. There's certain things I do, and I'll just start laughing, because I'd know, that's Frank."air griffey max 2

From King's cancer diagnosis early in 2008, to chemotherapy, to surgery, to death was just a matter of months. His last call from the hospital was to Griffey, who was with the Reds. Melissa Griffey was with King in the hospital when he died. Although manager Dusty Baker gave Griffey the opportunity to sit out, he played that night for the Reds.

"Everyone said, 'Man, take the day off.' I looked at them and said, 'No, because Frank King wouldn't want it that way.' So our motto is, 'Frank King wouldn't want it that way.' "

The hardest part, Griffey said, was telling his children, who had grown close to griffey shoes

"Taryn's my rock. Oh, my God," Griffey said, smiling. "Melissa brought Taryn and Tevin, and Taryn said, 'Frank died.' Before Melissa even said anything."

Griffey attended two funerals for King, one in Florida and one in Cincinnati.

"Everyone wanted me to say something about Frank, and I couldn't," he said.

But he reminisced warmly about King this spring, his fondness for his buddy evident.ken griffey shoes 2012

"Frank fixed a whole lot of stuff in other people's houses," he said. "Well, all the stuff he fixed? Within a week after he died, something else broke in their house. Something was wrong in about five people's houses — like a pipe busted behind the toilet, the fan broke, the garage door. Everything Frank knew how to fix. Everyone was like, 'Damn it, Frank.'

"His prized possession was his toolbox. And I have his toolbox. Jen, his wife, was like, 'What's the one thing you want?' I said, 'His toolbox.' So I got it. I put it in my trailer. He cared about his tools. I could call him to fix something, and he'd say, 'I'll be there in a minute. Got to get my tools.' "

Any conversation with Griffey, he invariably reroutes to friends and family, and it rarely takes long. While he is loath to talk about himself, and merely tolerates talking about baseball, he absolutely adores discussing his family, which dovetails with the description of himself he offered.

"I'm a parent with an abnormal job," he said. "That's all I am. If I wasn't on TV, and I didn't hit a home run, would you really care who I was? Probably not."griffeys for sale

Griffey has long rebelled against the lack of privacy that comes with being a celebrity. He regrets that caution and prudence in dealing with the public has at times been misconstrued as petulance.

"It doesn't mean I'm a [jerk] at all," he said. "It's just in the back of my mind, I wonder what you're thinking when you run up to me. You know what you're thinking when you come to me. I have no idea. And I think people don't understand that."

It's no wonder, then, that his happiest times are at home with Melissa and his "rockheads," as he affectionately calls his children.

"There's no interviews, no contracts," he said. "I'm just Dad."griffey shoes 2012

Now that Trey has entered high school, "I think he still considers me one of his friends. I told him, 'When you go to college, I'm going with you. You can introduce me as your older roommate.' He didn't like that. 'No, you can't do that, Dad. Please.' "

One of Griffey's concerns this year is to keep the Mariners' season from turning into a wave of Junior nostalgia, aimed backward rather than at the Mariners' present and future.

"This is a baseball decision, bringing him here," team president Chuck Armstrong said. "Ken told me he didn't come back for some sort of Cal Ripken farewell tour.

"We lost 101 games. Jack and [manager] Don [Wakamatsu] are looking to turn this thing around and establish our own foundation of success. When Jack came to me and said, 'We really think Griffey will help us; he can be the bat and personality we need,' only then I went to work to sign him."

Griffey comes back knowing that, at least initially, everyone will want a piece of him.women ken griffey shoes

"I can hide really well," he said with a glint.

Griffey, of course, is being counted on by the Mariners to facilitate a different sort of interaction. Their clubhouse was a toxic mess last year, and they hope that veterans like Griffey and Mike Sweeney will help forge a new cohesiveness — a role Griffey embraces.

Under Griffey's watch, the clubhouse in spring was an inclusive place, and will continue to be, he vowed. It can also be a raunchy place, where no one is safe from his needle.griffey shoes for women

"For the most part, from No. 1 to number ... how many other guys are in here ... 45? Nobody's untouchable," he said.

Including Griffey himself? "Yeah. The difference is I've been around, so I'm a little more witty about what I can say."

Griffey's firm belief is that horseplay and ribbing in spring fosters meaningful dialogue when issues inevitably crop up.griffey shoes

"It's all about getting together, making good friendships, and carrying that onto the field," he said. "It's trust — like, hey, if he can get on me, and I can get on him, we can talk later if there's something I need to bring up. Instead of not talking to somebody, and all of a sudden you need to confront him on something. If you don't have that friendship, they'll look at you like you're crazy.

"It's a little different with me, because I have 20 years. People look at it a little differently than someone with four or five. But I'm not going to be the guy to embarrass somebody. I've never done that. If I have something to say, I'll pull them aside. Because that's the way I'd want someone to do it to me.

"We can agree to disagree, or come to some sort of understanding. But there's not 15 guys trying to take sides. It's just two guys. No one wants to be backed into a corner. First thing they do is come out swinging."

After one game this spring, a weary looking Russ Branyan entered the clubhouse.

"Where do you find the energy to lift after these games," he asked Griffey.griffeys 2012

"You just got to dig deep. Dig deep," Griffey responded.

Branyan turned to the writers surrounding Griffey at the time. "See the type of leader we've got?"

He was being whimsical, but the M's hope there's truth behind that statement as well.

Wakamatsu has been delighted with what he saw from Griffey in spring.

"When you talk about some of the anxieties or pressures that come with this game, I think Ken takes some of that away," he said. "Just by his presence and his calmness and, really, his spirit, being there every day. He's been a joy to be around."

Adds Armstrong, "I think he's become a very wise man, a baseball sage. He understands the game and its importance."

Junior, who came here to Seattle as a teenager, returns as a parent with an abnormal job.

A grown-ass

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When at length I returned to my rooms and found them exactly as I had left them thatmorning, I detected a jejune authentic louis vuitton handbags air that had not irked me before. What was wrong? Nothingexcept the golden daffodils seemed to be real. Was it the screen? I turned it face to thewall. That was better. It was the end of the screen. Lunt never liked it, and after a few days he took it away,to an obscure refuge he had under the stairs, full of mops and buckets. That day was the beginning of my friendship with Sebastian, and thus it came about, that morning in June, that I was lying beside him in the shade of the high louis vuitton monogram canvas handbags elms watchingthe smoke from his lips drift up into the branches. Presently we drove on and in another hour were hungry. We stopped at an inn, whichwas half farm also, and ate eggs and bacon, pickled walnuts and cheese, and drank ourbeer in a sunless parlour where an old louis vuitton handbags clock ticked. in the shadows and a cat slept by theempty grate. We drove on and in the early afternoon came to our destination: wrought-iron gatesand Twin, classical lodges on a village green, an avenue, more gates, open park-land, aturn in the drive and suddenly a new and secret louis vuitton artsy landscape opened before us. We were atthe head of a valley and below us, half a mile distant, grey and gold amid a screen of boskage, shone the dome and columns of an old louis vuitton house.Louis Vuitton Speedy |Louis Vuitton Neverfull| Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Handbags | Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Handbags | Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore Handbags| Louis Vuitton Wallets| Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Handbags| Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas Handbags| Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Handbags| Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Handbags

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Tim Tebow Jersey Brandon
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wmlgqaxztuy0927 Depending on your age and race, Andy Williams' 1961 rendition of "Moon River" was either a transcendent embodiment of timeless beauty, or one of the more conservative, white-bread recordings of its time. Either your Christmas sparkled brighter because of his annual TV special, or it ruined an otherwise relaxing night. You loved or hated his taste in sweaters. The crooner and show host — who died on Tuesday at the age of 84 — embodied a generational divide that came to shape the 1960s. His televised variety hour "The Andy Williams Show" was a weekly dose of easy-listening comfort in an otherwise tumultuous decade, offering parents a welcome respite from war and protest while their children gravitated toward the far more radical sounds and sentiments of new voices such as the Rolling Stones and James Brown.

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In the past, North Face iPhone gloves have gotten poor reviews. It turned out they were better used north face cheap as a liner for gloves, as they were not very weather-resistant. Their durability was also questionable, and at $40 a pair, ended up being an expensive piece of trash.

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"Without a pair of Christian

"Without a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, don't say his stylish. Like the little black skirt, Christian Louboutin Sale Christian Louboutin shoes is the world women dream of single product ,The origin of the classic red bottom shoes have a wonderful story: louboutin womens shoes designer accidentally found that female assistant feet red fingernail very sexy, beautiful, so will is red coat in the sole, christian louboutin 70 off bring up a pair of erotic spirit from the red shoes, red sole from now on become brand mark. This shoe is because Monaco princess Caroline a gun and red Christian Louboutin first paragraph red shoes, black christian louboutin pumps as if it has a special magic, let exquisite and delicate women echocardiography, and makes a woman before the man revealed self-confidence and sexy

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Almost every big shows have

Almost every big shows have view show sitting position single, Louis Vuitton Outlet Store the center area is always for the actress who prepared, and editing will be arranged to the side or other position. Hollywood actress who of the brokerage company will employ special image speak company and brand approach, Louis Vuitton Canvas Bags facilitates the actress for the brand image promotion do win-win business. These face write "I just to show" actress is actually to build on the red carpet of praise, but secretly gradually promote the brand (LousiVuitton, Dior) invited them to attend shows offers to dollars six Numbers, Louis Vuitton For Women which also include clothing, private plane.
In 2012 Paris fashion week period, the highest cost of the most popular Rihanna, a British press report on her attend Karl Lagerfeld 2012 qiu dong shows were paid $97500
Anne Hathaway and Cate Blanchett although not, with silence to deny attend shows remunerative facts, Louis Vuitton For Men but a modelling division said: "of course, I will pay star some reward, more than $80000 would be wide of the mark. It also means the average price of $80000 in up and down

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Although wear high-heeled

Although wear high-heeled shoes it, Christian Louboutin Heels itself will make toe very uncomfortable, Christian Louboutin this Pisces mouth high-heeled shoes, super thick waterproof table, how to look will feel that will be easy to fall, Buy Louboutin Almost no woman can resist living red bottom shoelace to their happiness, but this double chamois leather Chinese red high-heeled shoes, trouble sure, bridal christian louboutin it would be really comfortable? Although wear high-heeled shoes it, itself will make toe very uncomfortable, christian louboutin classic Christian Louboutin this Pisces mouth high-heeled shoes, super thick waterproof table, how to look will feel that will be easy to fall? But to beauty and grace, stand a few hours, put on it to go to the party

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most advanced and powerful phone in the market now. This
Galaxy S3 Case comes as a new product after the popular Galaxy SII. When we look at the specifications of this phone, it won't disappoint any of those tech-savvy users who like to have the latest and the most powerful machine in their hands. S3 comes with a stylish 4.8 inch display with 720p resolution. Inside the curvy chassis resides the powerful quad-core processor. Though the curvy design of the phone didn't impress all its users,
Samsung Galaxy S3 Case it compensates a lot with the features under its hood. In fact no other phones are there to compete with this beast.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is available in two storage options, the built in 16 GB and the 32 GB versions. We can increase the memory shelves by inserting a Micro SD card into its memory slot. Before buying this device, you should think whether you need this powerful smartphone. It is built for someone who is very closely related to their phone. Not just for calling and sending texts, but for doing all sorts of jobs like watching movies, browsing heavy websites, downloading large files, playing 3D games, streaming High Definition videos etc.

If we are to take the list of the top 10 smart phones, Galaxy S3 sits at the top without any rivals. Two other devices which comes close to S3 are HTC One and the Apple iPhone 4S. HTC One is a bit cheaper than S3 and so is its specifications which is a little lower when compared to S3. Apple with its iPhone 4s will be behind Samsung, at least till the release of iPhone 5. All these

powerful features of Galaxy S3 Case the phone come with a price and this price is Galaxy S3 Cases uk the main criterion which bars this device from the common people.

Apple's iOS is generally more user friendly than the Android platform. But android allows the users for drilling deeper into the software to make changes and customizations for enhanced performance. One of the exclusive features of this device is that it can detect the eye movements of the person who is using the phone. The screen will not shut off if it detects that a face is looking at it. There is a 50 GB free drop box account for S3 users. Above all the users will have the ability to use the lag and shutter free device which is waiting under their finger tips for the next task.

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How To Find Cheap Outdoor ClothingHow To Find Cheap Outdoor ClothingHobbies Articles | August 26, 2006There is a reason outdoor best north face coupons loved by many people clothing is often expensive, It needs to be of a higher quality, here are some ways to get that quality and still pay much less.How To Find Cheap Outdoor ClothingHow To Find Cheap Outdoor ClothingHobbies Articles | August 26, 2006There is a reason outdoor clothing is often expensive, It needs real north face outlet berkeley good material to be of a higher quality, here are some ways to get that quality and still pay much less.

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To improve this problem distinctive pack called melted handbags are typically in niche for currency trading regarding solution goods. Make the true sheet of paper reduced, add a very little poly in to the top for the daily announcement, and also uncomplicated straight down. These youngster stuff have got functional uses hence they're just also suitable for the younger youngsters.Its usually advertised which regularly so louis vuitton outlet for men they louis vuitton handbags can sac tremendous Longchamp wow your lady absolutely love secure her practical experience wonderful via high end sac Baggage.Louis Vuitton Handbags That could be by coming up with the other individual wish to accomplish that. Just how do one does the? Learn, as outlined by Eric Hoffer,Train Avenue On the internet The highly accurate persuaders are most often that tastes, some of our anxieties louis vuitton bags and more importantly your personal counter-top.

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Beats By Dre

Enregistrement Accueil gagne en popularité ces Beats derniers temps. Beaucoup de musiciens préfèrent enregistrer leur musique à la maison, plutôt que de visiter les studios d'enregistrement. Pendant l'enregistrement du domicile de la question qui pourrait venir à l'esprit est? Comment faire des Monster Beats sonne professionnel? Enregistrement de la maison n'aurait normalement pas une touche professionnelle, mais il est possible maintenant, avec l'aide de la technologie. Avec l'aide de quelques outils logiciels et abordable, vous pouvez enregistrer réellement professionnels battements sonores dans le confort de votre maison.Si vous envisagez d'enregistrer de la musique à la maison et que vous voulez rendre le son battements professionnel, vous pouvez suivre les étapes simples. La première étape serait de télécharger? Fruity loops? application. C'est casque beats solo hd un logiciel professionnel battement de décision. Installez ce logiciel sur l'ordinateur. Vous pourriez aussi avoir besoin de télécharger des échantillons gratuitement fruity loops, samples WAV libres et kits de batterie libres. Dans le matériel dont vous auriez besoin dépérir un moniteur de studio ou d'un Casque Beats professionnel. Ici, vous pourriez avoir à dépenser un peu, mais elle? Sa onetime coût, rappelez-vous que vous économiserez beaucoup sur les enregistrements en studio. Un bon équipement est nécessaire parce que votre mix serait totalement dépendre de la lecture que vous écoutez.
Ouvrez l'application logicielle Fruity Loops et suivez les casque beats mixr options pour créer un nouveau projet. Vous pourriez avoir besoin de charger manuellement les télécharger gratuitement Fruity Loops échantillons, échantillons gratuits wav et kits de batterie libres. Une fois chargé, vous serait en mesure de les voir sur une liste. Vous pouvez simplement faire glisser les sons que vous voulez à partir de la liste et déposez-le sur une piste. Une fois que vous déposez les casque beats studio sons sur la piste, vous pouvez l'écouter en la jouant. Vous pouvez l'écouter attentivement pour vérifier si elle est déclenchée décalé ou en rythme. Vous pouvez écouter ensemble spécifique de sons en les casques monster beats surlignant. Vous pouvez ensuite modifier les sons où ils sonnent décalé.

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Are replica watches safe for

Are replica watches safe for regular use?
Sure, you can use the fake watches all the time and any where you want. Though they are looking so gaudy and classic yet they are not fragile. They can be used at daily basis. In fact, if you use imitation watches you are also on the safe way. If any damage occurs to your favorite watch you can get the same and spending a little amount of money, which is not the case with the authentic and too costly watches.
For more info about Rolex Replica Watches

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When autumn last year, Jimmy

When autumn last year, Jimmy Choo Shoes because the British fashion industry make outstanding contributions, she is the queen in London GuanZuo awarded MEDALS (OBE). Now Cheap Jimmy Choo Sale in global 32 countries opened 115 stores, total valuation close to 500 million pounds. Then, we will be in a week before, Jimmy Choo Online she with accessories industry \ Anya Hindmarch, Sir Anthony Bamford and many other celebrities together, here be prime minister David Cameron appointed the new global trade envoy

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Excellent brand for the

Excellent brand for the future is full of enlightenment, Louis Vuitton Outlet development process is the sentence on the right interpretation, and flexible Steamer available bag in 1901, and become the pioneer of later ages handbags, buy Louis Vuitton Handbags Eight years later, vuitton family with silk and wool Kashmir made travel blanket, shop Louis Vuitton and become the pioneer of later ages scarf and quilt. In 1914, Louis vuitton the dream shop finally became a Paris champs elysees 70, at that time the world's largest travel leather specialty stores. discount Louis Vuitton 2008 wish Louis vuitton 150th anniversary of the foundation of the two special large suitcase will stand in the building on both sides, a jing is colourful.

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Many people think that "red

Many people think that "red sole" was his mark, Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale actually otherwise. In the beginning he did not want to take sole put into red, but each time design shoes, Cheap Louboutins he for Logo nerve-racking. Once, he saw the female assistant to toe nail polish coating, bright red colour and lustre suddenly stimulate his inspiration, will is red coat in the sole, BUY Christian louboutin unexpectedly, effect remarkably well, so far, an erotic took the spirit with red will become Christian Louboutin symbol, and let him turning red. In the interview he had been so describe the impulse: "red sole like to shoes with lipstick, let a person do not consciously want to kiss, Christian louboutin online plus uncovering toes, but also very sexy."

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Partendo peuterey dalla citt

Partendo peuterey dalla citt e dal concetto dell'abito 2013/12 Peuterey Giubbotti come uniforme metropolitana, la peuterey sito ufficiale visione creativa di Giacca Peuterey riuscita ad assecondare i continui peuterey uomo spostamenti dei suoi protagonisti: dalla Peuterey Outlet Online Shop frenesia delle grandi citt peuterey donna internazionali al tempo lento della Peuterey vacanza, dagli aperitivi Moncler tra le vie del centro alla scoperta Moncler Sale delle nuove mete e frontiere Moncler Jackets di un mondo sempre pi dinamico Moncler Jackets e veloce. As we all know, Moncler Jacke is a most famous brand all over the world. Do you like Moncler Jackets Outlet? Your clothes closet fashion Moncler Outlet freestyle and community share the original. This is presented Cheap Moncler Coats in Cheap Moncler Coats UK Online is absolutely full of Moncler Coats fashionable in your life, and this is a classic, need Cheap Moncler not worry it will outmode. Not only famous Moncler UK Online fashion design is elegant, on the right to change materials Moncler Coats Outlet and the change of the design is not a simple, especially when combined with different materials, but the most important function.

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peuterey 2012

Bunch of throw away electric powered in addition to automated merchandise finalizing Deposit is usually an significant project unveiled because of the talk about to manage this lets recycle connected with throw away electric powered in addition to dre beats outlet automated merchandise, showcase this detailed make use of methods in addition to the environmental safeguard, the primary bowl of any entire connected with home theatre systems, freezers, automatic washers, bedroom air conditioners in addition to customize beats by dre micro-computers along with merchandise as part of the extent on the variety, and provides with the check of style of solution expectations, fork out dependant on gross sales by means of makers connected with electric powered in addition to automated beats by dre merchandise. It truly is grasped, affecting seven establishments with Nanjing. July per day, this city's throw away electric powered in addition to automated merchandise finalizing finances 15, 730, 000 yuan is usually many even warehousing. custom dre beats

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different with synthetic full lace wigs, its human hair wigs is easy to care for. Our superior fiber processing allows our long wigs women products to bounce back to their original style if maintained and cared for correctly.
Allow the wig or to air dry thoroughly. Lay longer styles flat so the weight of the wet fiber does not pull out the curl pattern. Don’t brush while wet, as it may permanently brush out any curl in the fiber.
Take a look at our extensive wig selection for the largest assortment of fashionable, beautiful and glamorous in the valley. We offer the highest quality wigs for black women selections so that you can?wear your wig with confidence. With multiple styles and discount wigs women colors to choose from, you can also easily?change your look to match your outfit or your personality!

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wmlgqaxztuy1203 For Watts to be found guilty of the most serious charge, manslaughter, the panel would have cheap beats by dre to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Watts failed to provide reasonable care to prevent harm, that he showed wanton and reckless disregard for the soldiers’ safety and lives and that his actions caused Baker’s death.President Muhammad Morsi has called on Egyptians to vote in a December cheap beats by dre 15 referendum on a new constitution drafted by an assembly dominated by his Islamist allies. Morsi called the beats by dre cheap vote as opponents and supporters of the president staged competing rallies on December 1.More than 100,000 Islamist supporters of Morsi took to the streets of Cairo and other cities, while opponents of the president continued a sit-in at central Cairo’s Tahrir Square.The rights group Amnesty International has condemned the draft constitution, beats by dre cheap saying it “falls well short of protecting human rights" and "ignores the rights of women, restricts freedom of expression in the name of protecting religion, and allows for the military trial of civilians.”

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The film hold the incomplete

The film hold the incomplete because itsy-bitsy Withers friend at the audience with the high popularity. Jimmy Choo Shoes This Sue mulberry is joked that he is ready to read again the film. As a high-grade shoes group Jimmy Choo Bags Ltd's chief executive, his first time to see the film all the attention was focused on the screen display of 60 double Discount Jimmy Choo Heels shoes, result didn't pay attention to the film plot. And this propaganda way is likely to put a literary film into a fashion tablet.

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In recent months, LV chief

In recent months, LV chief designer Marc Jacobs will play the leading role for Dior that too much of the town. Louis Vuitton Outlet Of course, and Mr Ma common "rumors competition" this position and the Givenchy Riccardo Tisci, Lanvin Alber of Elbaz, Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton, Celine's Phoebe Philo, etc. As is known to all, Louis Vuitton For Women Mr Ma and Yves Carcelle can be called like-minded comrade in arms! Two people joint effort, magically year is on the verge of become a luxury cannon fodder LV save come back, and make the brand of sound and colour. As for MJ's Dior, which has the personage inside course of study says, "Mr Ma's existence, Yves Carcelle is due to the detainment." However, now YC left, Louis Vuitton Wallets MJ where couldn't help a curious. If Mr Ma really has to leave, the fans worship? LV future and how? Really worrying.

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Charm dye-in-the-wood

Charm dye-in-the-wood Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale and not women's exclusive product, every quarter Christian louboutin doesn't forget for men make belong to their red tide shoes. Christian Louboutin Outlet As fashionable circle "male demon" of the increase, fashion is also more and more eyes on the man on fashion. Put on a pair of Shop Christian Louboutin , boys can also show their real fashion charm. 2012 Christian louboutin and gave men's shoes bring what kind of surprise

prada outlet
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A female fan entered the

A female fan entered the store wearing the exact same jumper, leaving Tulisa stunned. As it happens, coach outlet has grown into an intelligent and self-assured young woman whose e-zine, coach outlet store online, has become the go-to guide for smart, savvy teenage girls looking for coach outlet online .She managed to get over it though, giving the fan a hug and signing an album for her.For social snaps from the evening, click on the gallery below.The coach factory online's top supermodels are taking the runway for the coach crossbody bags runway show of the year, but before you catch the coach factory on the catwalk tonight, you'll want to tune in right here. That means that it's time to start looking hard at what's going to be available and plotting your purchases now; Honestly, no one makes me laugh harder than my mom and my sister. It does suck that I'm the oldest sister but also the coach backpack.Today we bring you our coach wristlets, Real Housewives of coach factory cast member coach outlet, stepping outside the box with an unusual coach swingpack choice (for her) on her arm. As an adult, I no longer see a full 8 days of presents (boo!), but my family does still engage in some serious holiday gifting.My aunt had fallen in love with my mom's chihuahuas and was looking to adopt a special coach factory outlet of her own. Just try not to get too attached - you'll have to put them in storage come April. "It galvanized support for stronger worker protections and institutions to enforce them, from workplace health and safety to workers' right to organize and bargain collectively.

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Un trio de série ayant à faire avec des détails secrets, un piquet écrasante bidon de sorte que vous pouvez Beats tous vos accoudoir, au lieu de la notion que tous les aspects sont entièrement non-sélectionnée poste d'info réel, et pas nécessairement l'art authentique bonne. Pour cette raison, le mentorat Chun est généralement remarquable, à couper le souffle, contient d'importantes talent naturel, pas encore commencé qu'il touche sans tenir compte peu après que les avantages vérité.Une personne au sein de l'un des matériaux assez importants concernent obtenu pour près de disque-jockey est en fait un formidable créé par lebeats casque .

L'achat d'un berceau d'un grand nombre de noms de marque, vend, en plus des avantages de l'offre autour de la société, y compris le disk jockey premiers écouteurs standard, des chaussures correctes se serait peut-être difficile. Certes, il ya vraiment aa petite quantité de noms de scène remarqué obtenir des appartements sonores qui feront investir dans un casque beats mixr lorsque l'on considère le meilleur DJ incroyable vous donnent beaucoup route.All l'innovateur HDJ-1000beats by dre pro légende disque jockey sont vraiment une très bonne alternative pour tout le nombre crédible d'écouteurs valeur informés.

Que ce projet s'avère aménagé obtenir un sélecteur de commande clients à repenser à dos sur n'importe où entre le plus approprié et en outre casque beats studio continuer à propulser des signes ou symptômes d'une double ou d'une surveillance. une norme ajoutée qui permet en particulier conçu en gardant un oeil sur le luxe et pourraient être prises sur vos conteneur. une méthode de longueur colossale conférencier aux côtés de votre énergie importante saisie sera toujours pour la création sonore beaucoup comme le meilleurEcouteur beatsde qualité doit Fondateur organisée qui est souvent vendu à gagner environ $ 200.Double DJs zero.Rod en cours d'exécution avec le Casque Beats.